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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How frequently does the AlpineXpress bus run between Geneva Airport and Verbier?
A. AlpineXpress runs the most frequent Shared Transfers (shuttle bus) between Geneva Airport and Verbier. We have a scheduled departure every hour, either at Verbier or Geneva Airport, from morning until late into the evening during the peak ski season. Please use our book a transfer tool to find available bus times on your day of travel (including the reduced low season schedule).
Q. Do you stop en-route between Geneva Airport and Verbier?
The Shared Transfer (shuttle bus) service is non-stop between Geneva Airport & Verbier. For Private Transfers we would be happy to accommodate a stop if desired, however please book in advance to assure the driver has sufficient time to wait.
Q. How long is the transfer time from Geneva Airport to Verbier?
A. Normally between 1 hour 45 minute and 2 hours, however travel time may be longer due to variable weather and traffic conditions.
Q. How do I find my AlpineXpress driver at Geneva Airport?
A. Look for the AlpineXpress representative wearing a bright blue jacket in the Arrivals Hall in front of the yellow Geneva Airport information counter directly outside baggage claim.
Q. What time will my AlpineXpress bus depart from Geneva Airport?
A. From Geneva Airport, Shared Transfer departures are schedule to minimize the wait for you and your fellow passengers. If you are arriving from London, Stockholm or Amsterdam it is likely that you will have fellow AlpineXpress bus passengers on the same flight. The average waiting time in the arrivals lounge is typically less than 30 minutes, however the shuttle may wait longer if necessary to accommodate all reserved passengers. If the delay is significant we will endeavour to move those passengers to a later bus, however, in the case of a longer than usual wait we thank you for your patience and ask that you relax with a drink - as we all know that we would appreciate it if others waited on us if roles were reversed.
Q. Where is the Shared Transfer drop-off and pick-up point in Verbier?
A. In Verbier, the Shared Transfer (shuttle) drops off and picks-up from Brunet car park (near Le Rouge restaurant). You can book a taxi to meet you on the arrival in Verbier and drop you off anywhere in town for CHF 20 for up to 4 passengers.
Q. How much luggage can we bring?
A. Normally there is room for all of your luggage including skis or a snowboard, however really excessive amounts would need to be transported in another vehicle at extra cost.
Q. Is the AlpineXpress shuttle bus actually a coach?
A. Most Shared Transfers (shuttles) are in minibuses, usually a VW or Mercedes. During peak season we occasionally use larger buses, usually Mercedes coaches, for the Shared Transfers.
Q. If I arrive early to Geneva Airport, can I take an earlier bus?
A. If you arrive early, and there are seats available on an earlier AlpineXpress Shared Transfer, you can of course jump on the earlier bus. There is no charge to change your ticket.
Q. What if my flight is delayed and I miss my AlpineXpress minibus to Verbier?
A. We will do our very best to look after you. We will happily reschedule you on the next AlpineXpress Shared Transfer (shuttle) at no extra charge space permitting. If there are no available seats, we will do the utmost to help you with alternate transport (which may involve extra cost at your expense) so that you are not stranded.
Q. Can I change the date, time, or other details of my AlpineXpress transfer?
A. With sufficient advance notice, we will gladly switch your transfer times at no cost - though please do make the change as early as possible as we do sometimes have limited availability.
Q. Do I need to book a seat for an infant or child travelling with me on AlpineXpress?
A. All passengers regardless of age must have a paid reservation to travel on our buses, and if any of the passengers are under the age of 12 please be sure to reserve an infant or booster seat, as required under Swiss law.
Q. Can my dog travel in an AlpineXpress Shared Transfer?
A. Please call to confirm, and again we will do our best. If your bus or minibus has free seats and we think it will be comfortable for the dog and the passengers we will accommodate your furry friend.
Q. Can you meet flights arriving at other airports?
A. AlpineXpress can arrange Private Transfers to and from any airport serving Switzerland, including Sion, Zurich, Milan, and Lyon airports.
Q. Can you arrange travel for large groups?
A. Whether you are arranging travel for a large group of friends travelling on the same flights or for clients arriving at various times throughout the day - we have a solution for your airport transfers. For large groups we are happy to provide a large minibus or coach, while for multiple VIP arrivals in one day we have a large fleet of VW Caravelles at your service, please call or email us for a bespoke quote.
Q. Can you arrange travel to other resorts for a day skiing or other excursion?
A. AlpineXpress is happy to arrange a private transfer (taxi) for you anywhere, anytime, and we can even recommend a good guide.